Markus Muthig:
Entrepreneur with passion

Real estate economist (IRE | BS), real estate investor, energy efficiency consultant, subsidy expert:
Markus Muthig is an enthusiastic entrepreneur.

About me

Markus Muthig is a German entrepreneur who is mainly active in the construction and real estate sector in Austria and Germany. He grew up in Bavaria - more precisely: near Ingolstadt. After completing his master's degree in masonry and concrete, Markus initially worked as a building contractor - following his grandfather's footsteps. Muthig completed several further training courses to become an expert. In the course of the financial crisis in 2009, he switched sides from the executive building contractor to the planner side and specialized in the topic of energy efficiency & subsidies. He participated in ArchiNea AG in Munich and founded ArcheNea GmbH in Ingolstadt.

In 2014, Muthig studied "Real Estate Economics" at the International Real Estate Business School of the University of Regensburg, graduating with a degree in Real Estate Economics (IRE | BS), cf. Master of Real Estate, univ. Regensburg. Today, Markus is involved in various companies in the real estate industry as managing director, shareholder or supervisory board member.

In recent years, Markus has contributed to several professional publications in the construction and real estate industry as well as books as an author.

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My background


First evidence of life

born in Bavaria (district of Eichstätt)


German Armed Forces

Certified master craftsman

(HWK) in the bricklaying and concrete construction trade

Professional development

Expert for energy efficiency


DGNB/ÖGNI auditor for sustainable building


Expert for damage to buildings and building repair (TÜV)

Expert appraiser

Expert for the valuation of developed and undeveloped land (TÜV)

International Real Estate Business School

Real Estate Economist (IRE | BS), univ. Regensburg

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Excellence program for supervisory boards

Markus Privat


Markus Muthig is a family man, sports enthusiast and travel fan. For him, a successful life not only includes professional achievements, but above all health, contentment, family and friends. You can meet Markus Muthig on the golf course, in the mountains hiking and skiing or traveling. The balance of business, fitness and private life makes Markus Muthig more efficient, stress-resistant and relaxed.

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Markus in private


Working out and a healthy diet are important parts of Markus Muthig's everyday life. For Markus, a healthy lifestyle is the basis for entrepreneurial success and a high quality of life. To get everything out of himself athletically, Markus Muthig relies on real experts: He works with the personal trainers Mimi Ruth and Markus Schneider from Kitzbühel. They support him holistically and help him to be in top shape both physically and mentally. After all, Markus Muthig knows that the right work-life balance is indispensable for sustainable entrepreneurial success.

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My values

Simple solutions
Social commitment

What’s important to me

The real estate industry is one of my great passions. Despite all my professional focus, I never lose sight of family, friends and a good work-life balance.
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Markus Muthig

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